Budgeting for Baby: HSA Approved Pregnancy & Baby Products

What Expenses to Expect When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting and transformative time in a woman’s life, but it can also bring about various expenses. Fortunately, if you have an HSA, you may be able to utilize its benefits to cover a wide range of essential pregnancy and must-have baby items while enjoying valuable tax advantages.

Check out all the eligible baby/pregnancy related items below (as well as those that aren’t eligible). You can also shop directly from the HSA Store.

Qualified Expenses

Baby Breathing Monitor Baby Rash Ointment and Cream Baby/Children’s Sunscreen
Birth Control/Contraceptives Birthing Coach* Birthing Classes*
Breast Milk Storage Bottles or Bags Breast Pump Breast Pump Bustier
Breastfeeding Classes Childbirth Child Medical Care
Childbirth Classes Circumcision Diaper Rash Cream & Ointment
Disposable Bra Pads for Nursing Doula* Egg and Embryo Storage Fees*
Egg Donor Fees* Egg Recipient Fees* Electrolyte Replacements (Baby)
Feminine Hygiene Products Fertility Enhancement Fertility Monitor
Fertility Treatment Gel Breast Pads Hospital Care
Hospital Insurance Premiums Infant Formula* Infertility Treatment
Kids Training Pants* Lactation Consultant Lamaze Classes
Lanolin Pregnancy Aids Pregnancy and Fertility Kits
Pregnancy Tests Prenatal Vitamins Prenatal Ultrasound
Sanitary Pads Sea-band for Motion Sickness Sitz Bath
Ultrasound Umbilical cord blood storage* Vaccinations

Ineligible Expenses

Adoption After-School Care Agency Fee for Child Care
Baby Bottles Baby Oil Baby Powder
Babysitting/Childcare Car Seats Daycare
Diapers Surrogate Mother Maternity Clothes


*Indicates that item is only eligible with a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). To view the full list of qualified medical expenses, visit www.irs.gov and view IRS Publication 502. If you are unsure if something qualifies as an eligible expense, we recommend consulting with a licensed tax advisor.