Investing HSA Funds

HSA Investment Option

With your HSA you have the option to invest a portion of your HSA funds using myHSAinvestments®. Since your unused HSA dollars roll over each year, investing some of your money may be a wise option if you plan to save more than you spend.

myHSAinvestments is a suite of mutual funds available to you that allows you to invest a portion of your health care dollars in a variety of widely recognized mutual funds covering a spectrum of asset classes. The ability to invest in mutual funds gives you the potential to grow your HSA balance and save for future health care expenses.

Benefits of Investing

  • Maximize your tax savings
  • Earn more on your unused dollars
  • Save for health care in retirement
  • Take control of your money and your investment activity
  • Easy access to your money, when you need it most

How do I enroll in myHSAinvestments?

Enrolling at is easy.

  • Click the “Get Started” button below and complete the short application linking your HSA account to the investment platform.
  • You will need to enter your HSA account number and ABA routing number as well as a few pieces of identifying information, and select your initial investment elections.
  • Once you enroll, your HSA account number and requested balance information will be verified.
  • When the account has been verified, an ACH transfer will move the money from your HSA to your myHSAinvestments account and invest the money into your initial investment elections.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from myHSAinvestments notifying you when the account has been set up. At this point, you can view your account.

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Investment Disclosure: myHSAinvestments is powered by Devenir. Neither Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union, nor Devenir Group, LLC, the third party, can provide investment advice to you on this program. Once you transfer funds from your HSA to myHSAinvestments, these dollars are no longer covered by applicable FDIC or NCUA insurance. We recommend you speak with a licensed investment advisor or consult the prospectus should you have questions about any investment. Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of investing your HSA funds before doing so. Investment products are not federally-insured; may lose value and are not a deposit account. Investment accounts are not obligations of the credit union and are not guaranteed.
Funds should not be considered a deposit of or guaranteed by Gulf Coast Educators FCU, may lose value, and are not NCUA/NCUSIF Insured.